American Montessori Society

Parents who choose Montessori education are looking for the best possible learning experience for their children. However, any school can call itself Montessori. The term is not trademarked, and schools vary in how they interpret the Montessori approach.

Accreditation by the American Montessori Society (AMS) is one benchmark parents can use in evaluating a Montessori program. To promote consistency and high quality in Montessori education, AMS has established standards and offers schools that meet these standards the opportunity to complete the rigorous accreditation process. Accreditation is voluntary and takes 1 to 2 years to complete.

AMS accreditation affirms a school meets a standard of excellence recognized by educators and Montessorians worldwide. Parents can rely on it.

Learn more about the requirements for AMS school accreditation.

Florida Council of Independent Schools

The Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS) was founded in 1954 as an organization dedicated to independence and quality of member schools. To ensure quality, all member schools must undergo an extensive accreditation process, with a periodic review every five years. Schools must successfully meet standards found in the FCIS Bylaws & Standards Manual, demonstrate financial stability, provide quality education, and successfully undergo evaluation visits to be granted and to retain membership in FCIS.

Learn more about the value of FCIS school accreditation.

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“The teachers and administration are in tune with my child’s specific needs and academic growth. My child is extremely intelligent and the teachers have developed special curriculum to keep her engaged while learning.”

— Parent

“The school focuses on allowing children to retain their creativity in addition to learning traditionally required skills.”

— Parent

“I love the fact that each child is allowed to and encouraged to learn at their own pace. There is no limit to how much they can learn.”

— Parent