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A Message from the Head of School


Welcome to The Montessori House Day School!
Throughout my years in Montessori education, I have come to understand that education is a journey through which we learn more about the world around us and decide the role we choose to play in it. The Montessori House Day School is a peaceful community dedicated to authentic Montessori education, founded on the passionate belief that every child should be treated with respect. The child’s joy and curiosity are supported through inviting, thoughtfully arranged learning environments and teachers who provide a sense of harmony and order. We are a nurturing school that inspires independence, creative thinking, and success in life. We are indeed shaping tomorrow’s leaders.

At The Montessori House Day School, we value a strong partnership with families to ensure that every child is able to grow and be nurtured as they walk their own journey of education and self-discovery. We strive to help our students develop an appropriate sense of self and an understanding of how we belong to one another. It is our intent to provide a school community rooted in our values to encourage our students to become confident and caring individuals. By the completion of 6th grade, it is our goal that graduates have developed a true love of learning and an inherent desire to serve their community and world.

The Montessori House Day School begins with the individual learner. Our understanding of students as unique individuals drives our whole child approach to education. For us, that means that our classroom communities are designed not only for excellent academics, but also to help develop a child’s heart, mind, and body within the larger framework of the values of the Montessori tradition.

I encourage you to learn more about our school and discover the value of our Montessori family.

Sally A. Parker
Head of School


Why Montessori?

Montessori Education is both a philosophy of child development and a rationale for quality in that development. 


At The Montessori House Day School, we continually aspire to achieve excellence.

Vision & Mission

The Montessori House Day School inspires children to think, wonder, and explore for a lifetime of independent learning. 



18 months - 3 years


6 - 12 years