Elementary Grades 1-6

The Pursuit of Personal Interests
The student who experiences Montessori education in the elementary years has the advantage of an education without boredom or discouragement. By pursuing individual interests, an enthusiasm for learning continues which is key to becoming a lifelong learner.


Progression at Their Own Pace
Each student progresses at his or her own pace in a Montessori classroom. Daily observations are noted by the teacher as to the use of specific materials. Each child is evaluated individually considering progress made, physical abilities, interests, motivation, etc. The classrooms provide an open-ended curriculum which encourages each student to advance as far as abilities allow in a non-competitive atmosphere. Parents are always invited to observe their child at work. Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled each semester to acquaint parents with their child’s academic and social development. Elementary students receive two reports in addition to the comprehensive evaluation completed for all children at the end of the school year. They also participate in national standardized achievement tests each spring, beginning in the 1st grade.

Life After Montessori
Montessori education instills in a child the desire to learn, and the child develops all the necessary skills for success. While this is an individual matter, in general the child who has wholesome attitudes and values, who has developed skills and habits essential for effective living, and who has a healthy and realistic understanding of him/herself, will have no difficulty adjusting to a new school. Teachers usually find the child with a Montessori background to be more cooperative, self-reliant, and eager to learn. Montessori teachers feel a responsibility to help the child anticipate and be prepared for their new level of education.

Upcoming Events

Ehrlich Book Fair

December 2nd-6th

Upper Elementary – Standardized Testing

May 4th-8th

Spring Concert – Sickles High School

May 28th


“The teachers and administration are in tune with my child’s specific needs and academic growth. My child is extremely intelligent and the teachers have developed special curriculum to keep her engaged while learning.”

— Parent

“The school focuses on allowing children to retain their creativity in addition to learning traditionally required skills.”

— Parent

“I love the fact that each child is allowed to and encouraged to learn at their own pace. There is no limit to how much they can learn.”

— Parent