Toddler, PreK, Kindergarten

The Environment
The Montessori House Day School provides a specially prepared environment which fosters satisfaction in learning by discovery and a joy in achievement. The climate and selected activities are prepared to interest and motivate the child. The Montessori materials develop basic problem solving and observational techniques. The child begins with the concrete, using manipulative materials, and gradually works toward the abstract. Montessori’s recognition of the importance of a stimulating environment as a means of “freeing the child’s potential” is supported by a multitude of studies in early learning.

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The Child
The young child is in the process of forming first impressions of his/her own nature and ability, of other people, and of life in general. These impressions can last a lifetime. To reach the highest potential possible, the child must develop a healthy self-concept, wholesome attitudes and values, desirable social skills and habits, and independence and self-reliance. Through purposeful activities, each child develops the ability to grow and think reflectively, as well as, a sensitivity in human relationships and a curiosity and appreciation of nature and their world.

The Teacher
The role of the Montessori Directress differs from a traditional teacher. She observes and assists the child according to the child’s individual needs and interests. She is trained to recognize periods of readiness and to demonstrate the correct use of the materials to the children. To reinforce a positive manner, at times she will encourage a hesitant child; at other times, she will divert a child who chooses material beyond his/her ability. She protects the child’s integrity and allows the child to have freedom of choice and to make decisions. The child’s decisions are expected to reflect a sense of responsibility. The Directress’ manner is firm and consistent, yet patient and gentle. All of our Montessori Directresses are certified through one of the major Montessori societies and have completed approximately 1000 hours of internship in addition to their formal training.


Upcoming Events

Hanley Science Fair – 9:00-11:00 a.m.

November 7th

Ehrlich Science Fair – 9:00-11:00 a.m.

November 8th

Veterans Day – NO CLASSES

November 12th


“The teachers and administration are in tune with my child’s specific needs and academic growth. My child is extremely intelligent and the teachers have developed special curriculum to keep her engaged while learning.”

— Parent

“The school focuses on allowing children to retain their creativity in addition to learning traditionally required skills.”

— Parent

“I love the fact that each child is allowed to and encouraged to learn at their own pace. There is no limit to how much they can learn.”

— Parent