Student Learning

Our students learn in multi-age classrooms where each child is recognized and educated as an individual. Montessori education is truly hands-on. Concepts, knowledge, and skills are introduced using specially designed instructional materials as children work at their own pace through an open-ended curriculum. Our classrooms embody an atmosphere of freedom with self-discipline. Students are empowered to exercise a high level of independence as they are developmentally ready. Social-emotional development is stewarded through cooperative learning, peer teaching, and respect. Character is as highly prized as academic achievement, encouraging children to grow not only in self-confidence but also in a sense of responsibility.

Montessori Curriculum

Practical Life

The Montessori Practical Life curriculum teaches care of self, care of the environment, and Grace and Courtesy. Through everyday activities like buttoning and zipping to pouring and transferring to preparing a snack for classmates, students build the key foundational skills of gross and fine motor control, eye hand coordination, and understanding of left to right sequencing. As order, concentration, coordination, and independence are developed, students grow in self-confidence and are ready to take on more challenging tasks in all areas of the curriculum. In the Elementary years, Practical Life expands to include a variety of skilled crafts. Students assume leadership roles in their classroom and school communities through service learning.


18 months - 3 Years


6-12 Years